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The path that we call a journey

30 August
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Hi there~ ♥

so you stumble upon my journal, welcome ^^

This is a friends only journal, I mainly post about fandom and real-life stuff. I love love LOVE Hey! Say! JUMP. I flail over them almost 24/7, and I can get pretty crazy insane sometimes~ XD well not in a psychotic way, but you know... I like all Johnny's but most of the time I only talk about JUMP~

About me? I'm a girl. 21 years old. Trying to finish University and get a real job so I don't have to deal with my bs part-time job anymore. and I'm also a bride-to-be! :D Though fandom wise, Hikaru is still gonna be my hubby~ XDD

That's all you need to know about me for now, once we become friends, you will know a lot more about me and my insanity~ and not trying to be bitchy, if I don't add you back, it doesn't mean that I don't like you or anything like that. It's just because I think we don't share the same interests so you can't really relate to my entries here...


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