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30 November 2015 @ 03:00 am

Welcome to rarsii23 's new journal~! ^_^
This journal is friend locked, so please comment to be added~
I will not add back random adding, unless I know you from somewhere... XD

If you want to know more about me, you can check my profile.

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13 November 2011 @ 09:54 pm
Hi! I'm selling some of my JE stuff~

Please review the following before placing an order :
- I only accept PAYPAL for payment method (buyers must pay for the paypal fees, if applies).
- All prices are in USD.
- All prices DOES NOT include shipping cost.
- All items will be shipped from the United States using Express Mail or First Class Mail, whichever you prefer.
- International buyers are welcome.
- Items will be shipped within 2 days after I receive the payment.
- NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST/STOLEN MAIL. (EMS shipping recommended for international buyers)

Kis-My-Ft2Collapse )

KAT-TUNCollapse )

NYCCollapse )

Akanishi JinCollapse )

YamapiCollapse )

Please comment here in this format : (comments are screened)
- Item(s) you wish to buy :
- Your e-mail address :
- Your country/city or zipcode/state if you live in the US (for me to determine shipping fees) :

I will then e-mail the quote to your e-mail address.

I also have JE magazines (DUET, Wink Up, Potato, Myojo) for sale. If you comment here which issues you want, I can see if I have it or not.

Thank you~ ^^
25 September 2011 @ 04:27 pm

This LJ will only be active for me posting subbing stuff. no flailing. no rl stories. etc from now on

Comment if you want to be added at the new account

1. want to move distant/inactive/talking-behing-my-back friends
2. want to separate subbing account with rl/fandom flailing acount
3. just because I feel like to

The new LJ? i'll prolly flail over anything I'm interested in atm (and yes it's including kpop). So if you're racist, hate koreans for no reasons /shurgs. But ofc you can just easily ignore me and comment on the entries you like to comment on. world peace? no? x)

P.S. I still like JUMP. for those of you who think that I converted /completely/. but negl, ever since ryutaro left, fandom is chaotic, full of annoying bitches,etc. (it's not like it was peaceful before, let's just say it got worse) and I personally think that there's something missing in 9-people JUMP. so yeah... don't judge me. it's personal preference.
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